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Short Bio

Creative thinker, curious researcher and experienced technologist. Pedro has a strong technical background in web and mobile technologies. His passion for mobile interaction and user experience led him towards a Ph.D. at Imperial College London.

In addition to his research, Pedro tends to involve himself in other interesting projects. He is currently involved in the creation of a public transportation service with industry partners ambitiously called Seamless Mobility.

World travelling, gastronomy and scuba diving are amongst his hobbies, which he tries to put into practice as often as he can. He is still recovering from 5 months in Southeast Asia.

Recent Projects

Voyage to SEAVoyage to SEA
Personal blog reporting a 5 month travelling experience

Angry CommutersAngry Commuters
London-based research study, featured in the press:

COSTACOSTA - intelligent commuting
Concept and business case for a commuter service

A fun lifestyle-type app

Friday 13th, Pedro is born in Portugal.

Starts his higher education studies in Software Engineering at the University of Porto.

Goes six months to Slovakia on ERASMUS, an experience that would have a profound impact on his life.

Starts his professional career with a cool job at Critical Software.

Enrols in a PhD at Imperial College London.

Joins the Design London Fellowship to develop a business case based on his PhD project.

Reaches the business plan competition final with a personal commuting service.

Completes his PhD closing another chapter in his life.

Goes travelling for 5 months in Southeast Asia, travelling and volunteering.

Probably doing something fun, innovative or both. Get in touch to find out.